Saturday, March 12, 2011

holaaa all my fellow friends :D
hehe, teringat pulokk,
CHORUS speaking masa kat 
primaryy school hehe <3
act, banyak perkara nak luahkan dekat sini :))
the latest storyy is !!
saya dah tak BFF dengan FAIQ lagi !
dia jahat! kejam ! gedikksss !
sebab nak tahu apa ? we change our relationship ,
from BFF to ......
haha ! 11 March 2011 :))
FAIQ porpose me for a 2ND time deyh -.-
ada SYARAT sebelum COUPLE !
nak tahu tak SYARAT nya apa ??
haha, jeng jeng jeng :p:p
1. 'no manyy manyy GIRLLSS except yourr kakak ANGKAT only !
2. give me all your password FACEBOOK, TWITTER, BLOG, and also
MYSPACE if I want it ( tapi dia yg suggest syarat nih hehe )
3. dont play play behind me and ada lagi tapi malas nak type deyh -.-'
there youu are SYARAT nya :D
for now only HIM in my HEART.

p/s : please dont play play wif me again! I tikam youu laju laju,
hahahah <3 <3 <3

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